My Puny Valentine

Valentine’s Day is a day for showing your loved ones that you care about them. What better way to do that than a bag of puns?

Okay, at least my friends appreciate a good pun, or seven. For several of them this year, I put together goody bags full of little gifts and snacks they would enjoy, including ones featuring the pun-tastic printables below.

This was also to celebrate finally having a working printer again.

Below are the printables I used, though I admit they are not all puns, complete with links to the original blogs where I found them.

Much love (and wee bit of swearing),


Awesome Sauce

This one is super easy. (Okay, most of them are super easy.) I got the printable from C.R.A.F.T.. The instructions are straightforward, though you probably won’t need them. It’s nice that the image is in black ink and you just print it on colored paper of your choosing. I went with goldenrod just so everything wouldn’t be pink. Because I am housesitting and grabbed the wrong craft bag, I did not have a circle punch or circle cutter. It’s easy enough to trace the applesauce over the images and cut it with scissors, but if you are anything like me, this means your circles will not be perfect and its likely your stars will be off center. If these are things that are important to you, you should probably keep that in mind. The printable puts six “awesome sauce” stars per 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper.

Color My World

This one is arguably easier than the “Awesome Sauce.” Originally, I was going to make heart shaped crayons with tags that said, “You color my world,” but I was unable to get molds to do so. Then I came across this blog post from Crazy Little Projects while looking up other pun themed valentines. Their post is awesome. She gives you multiple options for the printable; a single copy of the image, a sheet with 20 of the same image, or a sheet with with five centered images to make it easier to wrap around a box of crayons, if you are not printing stickers (which is the one I chose). She even included links to coloring pages to print out. For this one, I did have my paper cutter. I cannot freehand cutting a straight line. Even with a ruler, I usually have problems. It just looks a lot cleaner and neater with the paper cutter.

Orange You Glad We’re Friends

These labels come from Better Homes and Gardens. You get three labels per page. It works best on a bottle that is straight up and down.

Super Valentine

This is the most complicated of the bunch and its still super easy. The template and instructions are from Zakka Life. Each template has four capes and coordinating masks. The instructions are super simple. I personally think the pinking shears for doing the bottom of the capes are overkill when you already have scissors out to do the rest of the cutting. While I used regular white paper, because I had to, white cardstock would work a lot better for printing the template out. They are just too adorable to resist.

You’re Kool

I knew I was going to do this one before I even started. There are a lot of “You’re Kool” printables out there. I chose this one from My Name is Snickerdoodle because the size is perfect for the Kool-Aid singles packets and I really like the font. There is a choice of red or blue and there are four per page. My printer has issues with red, so its not quite the same as the image from the original blog, but it works. It would also work better to print these on white cardstock.

A Big Bear Hug

(Sorry this photo is a bit wonky. I was having trouble with the exposure.)
I honestly thought this tag would be bigger. It took awhile to track down where this tag originated from, but I found it. It’s from Jenny Raulli from Bloom Designs Online on Skip to My Lou. There is a horizontal tag that would work as a cellophane topper and a vertical one, which is the one I used. I didn’t have boxes or access to cellophane, so I divided up the gummy bears between sandwich bags, rolled them up, sealed, and taped them. Then I taped the tags to the bags.

Bubbling with Excitement

(Again, sorry about the exposure. What it says on the paper is, “I am bubbling with excitement that you are my friend.”)
Now, I didn’t follow the directions exactly at Simply Modern Mom. Bubbles are fun and I really liked the printable. You get four cards per page. The bubbles I found were not the long skinny kind used at the original blog spot, so they don’t fit the space as well. This is also another one of those that should be printed on cardstock if possible. I didn’t think the paper would hold up well to tying the bubbles to it, so I made a bow on the neck of the bottles instead and taped the bubbles to the paper.


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